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Actran is the innovative software for quick, simple and accurate simulations in the acoustic, vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic fields. Simulation with MSC Software's Actran

Customers will benefit from Actran's unique features in the following ways:

  • a rich library of material models
  • a complete finite element library
  • several unique acoustic excitation mechanisms
  • a variety of high-performance solvers
  • a modern GUI purpose-built for Acoustics and fully customizable

Modules from the Actran family:

  • Actran Acoustics is the foundation module for internal and external acoustics, a standalone tool and a pre-requisite for advanced modules like Actran VibroAcoustics, Actran AeroAcoustics or Actran TM.
  • Actran for Nastran combines the strength of Actran and Nastran for advanced vibro-acoustic modeling.
  • Actran VibroAcoustics for vibro-acoustic analysis where the acoustic field is solved in a coupled way to the vibrational model of the structural system, thanks to its rich specific finite element library and the possibility of importing the modal base of the FEM model.
  • Actran AeroAcoustics to calculate the noise generated by complex flows.
  • Actran TM is a powerful acoustic CAE tool for turbomachinery noise prediction.
  • Actran DGM to model noise propagation in complex flows using linearized Euler equations and discontinuous Galerkin methods, particularly well suited to solving noise produced by the convergence of flows, also with high temperature gradients and non-homentropic mean.
  • Actran VI is the new graphical user interface specifically designed for pre- and post-processing vibro- and aero-acoustic analyses of all Actran modules.

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