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MathFem promotes and supports RTM-Worx developed by Polyworx, the innovative flow simulation software able to simulate and optimize RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and CVI (Controlled Vacuum Infusion) on the computer, reducing prototype costs and increasing the quality of the finished product.

With scientific and mathematically precise methods it is possible to:

  • visualize the resin's flow path
  • calculate and reduce injection time
  • assess the impact of variations in resin and fabric properties
  • optimize location of runners, injection and venting ports
  • eliminate dry spots
  • establish a process window
  • understand better your product by simulating a large number of different cases in combination with only a few experiments

Standfast Yachts hull simulation with RTM-Worx

Features of RTM-Worx:

  • full support for anisotropic fabrics
  • runners to model the resin delivery and easy flow paths
  • integrated pre- and post-processing
  • import 3D models CAD and FEM software (STL, DXF, PATRAN, etc.)
  • interface with MSC/Patran Laminate Modeller and Vistagy’s FiberSIM
  • calculate temperature and cure
  • reliable, accurate and extremely fast
  • built-in hierarchical archiving system
  • any combination of vector (velocity, permeability) shaded and line contour plots (flow fronts, properties, pressure, temperature, degree of cure, etc.)
  • very short learning time: be productive in one day!
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