RTM-Worx Projects with CVI

Closed moulding technology for composites manufacturing is gaining more and more interest, especially for large products. RTM-Worx is the best simulation tool available because it combines speed, flexibility and reliability with the capability to handle very large models.
In Controlled Vacuum Infusion (CVI), the guesswork is replaced by trial infusions on the computer with the RTM-Worx software.

Below is a selection of projects that have been carried out with RTM-Worx to simulate the productive process of composites by Controlled Vaccum Infusion.

LM Glasfiber - simulation of a wind turbine rotor blade with RTM-Worx       LM Glasfiber - infusion of a wind turbine rotor blade with RTM-Worx Wind turbine rotor blade of 54m

LM Glasfiber
Denmark / The Netherlands

Composite bridge in Dronten (The Netherlands)    Infusion simulation of a composite bridge in Dronten Composite bridge in Dronten

Composieten Team
The Netherlands

Oyster 125' - hull infusion                    Oyster 125' - hull infusion with RTM-Worx Oyster 100' (30m)
Oyster 125' (38m)
sailing yacht


Pantera 76' - deck simulation with RTM-Worx   Pantera 76' - deck simulation   Pantera Yachts - 76' hull Pantera 76' (23m)
motor yacht

Pantera Yachts
(in collaboration with Fabio Buzzi)
The Netherlands / Italy

Sensations 150' - hull infusion Sensations 150' Sensation 150' (46m)
motor yacht

Diab and Infusion Group
Australia / Canada

Southernwind 100'  Southernwind 100' - deck simulation with RTM-Worx  Southernwind 100' - deck simulation Southernwind 100' (30m)
sailing yacht

Southernwind Shipyard
Cape Town, South Africa

Zevenhuizen 42' - the tests   Zevenhuizen 42' - hull infusion  Zevenhuizen 42' - hull infusion with RTM-Worx North-Line 42' (13m)
motor yacht

Zevenhuizen Yacht
Franeker, The Netherlands

Maxi Jena 80' - bulkhead infusion   Maxi Jena 80' - hull infusion  Maxi Jena 80' - simulation of the deck infusion with RTM-Worx

Maxi Jena 80' (24m)
competition sailing yacht

Meteor Koper / Technol Yachting
Izola, Slovenia

Satellite 44' - the tests      Satellite 44' - outer skin hull simulation with RTM-Worx      Satellite 44' - inner skin hull infusion simulation Satellite 44' (13m)
sailing yacht

Bolt Maritiem
Nieuw-Scheemda, The Netherlands

Contest 55' - hull preparation       Contest 55' - hull simulation with RTM-Worx       Contest 55' Contest 55' (17m)
sailing yacht

Conyplex and CLS TUD-TNO
The Netherlands

Standfast 64' - the hull    Standfast 64' - the deck    Standfast 64' - deck simulation with RTM-Worx Standfast 64' (20m)
touring sailing yacht

Standfast Yachts
Breskens, The Netherlands

Umoe Mandal - gun shield simulation with RTM-Worx        Umoe mandal - gun shield         Umoe Mandal - gun shield infusion Gun shield

Umoe Mandal
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