wheel analysis MathFem's human resources start their professional course in 1990. In advanced industrial realities and research centers they mature significative experiences in computational analysis and 3D design techniques.

Since 1998 they started proposing their knowledge as freelances developing numerous projects in various engineering sectors.

arch analysis The use of advanced technology based on 3D design (CAD) and on finite element modelling (FEM), consented MathFem to support many companies, improving the understanding of physical phenomenons involved in their products and process, and making it therefore possible to achieve important results in terms of reliability, security, efficiency, cost, performance and development time reduction.

MathFem S.r.l. was constituted in 2009 as a natural evolution of the partners' twenty years experience, to further develop the innovation level in engineering and scientific computing.

Mathematics (math) is the most powerful language to describe nature, and the finite element method (FEM) can solve equations of any three-dimensional geometry. That is why the name MathFem was chosen.

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